The house is on fire.

tabernacle explores mobility, impermanence and collective action in a time of instability. Drawing from wandering domiciles, roaming connections, or places of worship which are adaptable, portable, and responsive to their environment, the included artists, Boz Deseo Garden, Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD), Andre Keichian and Miller Robinson, are each journey-based, nomadic makers of communal, public ceremonies, and contemplative, solitary rituals.

Like the turtle who carries her home on her own back, this is an unstable exhibition, offering a durational architecture through photography, sculpture, text and performance. tabernacle is as much about interiority as housing, inviting reconsideration of the structures which bind us, how we hold space for others, and the malleability of ideological and material containers.

Words and curation by Matthew Lax

deviations of a scattered line
4x5 glass photographic plate fused with sand from the Pacific shoreline, palm wood, sand, chalk line, wall etching

excavation sight
wall etching, chalk